We deliver name brand foods to your door at wholesale prices, we allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home and save time and money. We have one of our  consultants visit you at your home, or where ever you feel is best, and he/she discuss different plans to fit your budget and food requirements. Our consultants will assist you in the ordering process and ensure that you are completely satisfied. There is no membership fee or shipping fee. We deliver over 500 name brand items at a discount price of more than 60% savings.

The reason why we can sell our product so cheap is because we cut our over head cost by at least 40% and we cover the shipping while at conventional grocery stores the delivery cost and over head costs are included in the prices. If you are interested I can set a meeting up with one of our consultants, you and your spouse to discuss this wonderful opportunity. Your orders are professionally packaged, delivered in our refrigerated trucks and delivered to your door. No more lugging bags of groceries!!!


*If interested in setting up a free meeting please visit our information request section of the website* 

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